Kemei Washable Electric Trimmer (KM-5889 3D IPX7)


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* Element Type: Electric shaver
* Sex: Male
* Brand Name: Kemei
* material: ABS
* Application: Face
* feature: Four Blades
* size: Euro plug
* model: KM-58892
* Input Voltage: AC 220 V 50 Hz
* Power consumption: 9 W
* Charging time: 8 H
* Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year
* Wireless is used, convenient to operate.
* High hardness of the blade is used.

This product is a rechargeable shaver. when you use,you just take a little soap and water,switch the shaver on until the soap lathers nicely.then rinse off with water.This product has four floating razor heads ,individually reflex action system can always get close to the facial contour to effectively shave the hair of any lengths and in any growing directions.reasonable design & the cooperation of five blades will bring about better shaving effect.
Product: Washable rechargeable shaver
Input Voltage: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 9W
Charging time: 8Hours
useing time :30min
Color: Blue

Whole body wash.
Used wirelessly, convenient to operate.
Detail shaver.
used high hardness cutting blade.

Safety Warning :
Only the included charger can be used.
Make sure the charge will not become damp.
The charger includes a transformer which should not be cut off and replaced with another plug;otherwise,in will lead to serious results.
If the charger is damaged,it should be replaced with a new one with the original type to avoid the danger.
Do unplug the charger before cleaning the shaver with running water.

1 x 3D Men Shaver
1 x Charger (100-240V)
1 x Brushes
1 * Cover
1 * Bag
1 * English manual
1 * Whiskers cutter
1 * Nose hair cutter

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