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The Harmony Manual Breastpump from Medela has already convinced over two million mothers. It is lightweight and allows you to extract milk efficiently and discreetly, thanks to the ergonomic handle and its easy usage. The manual handling gives mothers complete control and makes pumping as discreet and comfortable as possible. The small and light breastpump is comfortable to transport too, leaving you independent and mobile.

Bridge the breastfeeding breaks with the Harmony. Would you occasionally like to work out, go shopping, or go out in the evening? Or do you have difficulties with flat or inverted nipples? With the manual breastpump Harmony from Medela, you can pump milk pleasantly and easily as required. The popular Harmony is also the first manual beastpump worldwide to be based on 2-Phase Expression Technology.

The Calma system

Calma is the ideal alternative to breastfeeding for mothers who want to give their babies breastmilk. With Calma, babies do not have to change their natural feeding behaviour. Whether you breastfeed or use Calma, the milk only flows when the baby applies vacuum. Breastfeeding is always best for your baby, but sometimes it is not possible to breastfeed naturally. Calma provides a solution to this.

  • Enables babies to maintain their natural feeding behaviour learned on the breast even when bottle feeding
  • Babies are able to drink, breathe, and pause regularly
  • Supports an easy transition from the breast to the teat and back
  • One size is sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period, just as in nature
  • An ideal feeding solution for your baby – it is recommended that you introduce a teat when breastfeeding is established

Please note that this is a single user product; use by more than one person may present a health risk

2-Phase Expression Technology

Medela has invented 2-Phase Expression, which is the first research-based breastpump technology that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm. Similar to a nursing baby, 2-Phase breastpumps mimic a baby's natural sucking behaviour.

First, there is a fast pumping rhythm to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing; this phase is named stimulation. Then, there is a slower pumping rhythm to express milk gently and efficiently; this phase is named expression.

Through intensive and pioneering work, Medela has converted the baby's intuitive knowledge into technological know-how. The result is 2-Phase Expression, a standard for unsurpassed naturalness, comfort, and efficiency in breastpumps.

  • Phase 1 (stimulation phase): just like a baby who initially suckles rapidly, stimulates the let-down reflex
  • Phase 2 (expression phase): pump automatically moves to a slower speed as the milk begins to flow

Choose the right breastshield for you

Every mother needs her individual breastshield size. This is important to have an efficient pumping session without pain and to completely empty the breast in a shorter period of time. Therefore Medela offers five different sizes of its PersonalFit breastshields.

  • Medela Harmony manual breast pump with proven 2-phase expression
  • 2-phase pumping rhythm helps express your milk gently and efficiently
  • Ideal first breast pump for occasional pumping mothers
  • Convenient lightweight pump with fewer parts than other manual pumps
  • Calma Solitaire included--the only research-based feeding solution that mimics the unique breastfeeding sucking behaviour of a baby

Box Contains

1 x Harmony handle
1 x Calma feeding device
1 x PersonalFit Breastshield 24 mm
1 x Connector
1 x Valve head and membrane
1 x Breastmilk bottle
1 x Bottle stand
1 x Multi-lid 

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