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Ideal for occasional use
The Medela manual breastpump Base has been on the market for more than 25 years. It has proved its worth as an ideal solution for mothers who stay with their baby most of the time and only have to pump occasionally.

Optimum convenience for at home or on the go
Whether you want an evening out or just want to go shopping - the manual breastpump Base provides the ideal solution for almost every mother. The manual breastpump is also an alternative to direct breastfeeding if you have health problems like flat or inverted nipples.

Simple pumping, cleaning and assembly
The small manual breastpump Base is easy to use and transport. The adjustable vacuum levels enable comfortable pumping. The Base manual breastpump consists of only 5 parts, it is intuitive to assemble and cleaning is straightforward and fast.
Good to Know
•    Breastfeeding Benefits 
•    Storing and thawing of breastmilk 
•    BPA-free products 
•    Breastshields 


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