Silent Electric Breast Pump


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The Silent Motor
The silent motor emits a mere 58 decibels of sound.  This allows you to express milk without disturbing your baby sleeping nearby.

The Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM
- Stimulates a steady let-down
The soft round edges of the Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM provide an airtight seal over the entire areola.  This structure allows for steady expression of milk with only a light suckling sensation.

The Adjustable Suction Strength Dial and Suction Cycle Speed Controller
- allows you to express milk comfortably, depending on your physical condition at the time.
This breast pump comes with a suction strength dial with five pressure level settings and a suction cycle controller for regulating the speed of suction.  You can customize the pressure and speed every time to match your own comfort level.

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