Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump


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The Unimom Fort  is hospital graded pump that is available for use at home! Allowing greater flexibility of use. Unimom forte has been expertly designed with comfort and function in mind.

The Unimom Forte can be used for both single and double sided expression. Why spend more for single pump when the Forte is designed for efficient double pumping & costs less! The Forte is perfect for home or work use without comprising on quality or power.The Unimom Forte's suction power can be completely tailored to suit you

The Unimom Forte is specially designed with the Forte Closed Pumping System, This system features a physical barrier which keeps outside air and contaminants from coming into contact with your baby's milk while pumping. This system also prevents any milk from flowing back into the tubing & motor, causing of damage.

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