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Portable Plastic Sealer

Product Code:TKU-0015

Availability:In Stock

IDR 65,000



Sometimes when eating snacks from plastic packaging, continue to be depleted, confused about how to save it back to keep it tasty, crunchy when eaten.
Do not worry, now there is a solution.
Sealer will close again plastic food wrap that has been opened by using heat.

Use the AA batteries.
Can be pressed all kinds of plastic PP, PE, PVC, PET.. So food stay fresh.
It took about 3 seconds for the time-out sealer into heat and can glue the plastic

- Operated using batteries, sealed back all plastic bags in seconds

- Easy In use and can be stored anywhere

- Very Easy

- Working On all bags of food, to chips, pasta, rice and more!

- Ideal For kitchen, office, workshop, camping, traveling and gardening.

- Reseal the food into the trash bin to prevent smells

- Save Valuables stay dry

- Airtight and keep your food stays fresh!

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