Proda 10.000 mAh Wireless Charging Powerbank (ppp-33)


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IDR 360,000

REMAX never stops innovating by releasing new products especially those related to gadgets. This time, REMAX issued a new innovation that is powerbank, but not just powerbank but also as a Wireless Charger. REMAX PRODA PPP-33 is a powerbank with a power capacity of 10000mAh which can also function as a wireless charger that becomes a mandatory accessory for the latest gadget output. Powerbank is also Qi-compatible, so every gadget that already has Wireless Charging feature with Qi-compatible can use it just by putting it on this powerbank. In addition powerbank is also equipped with a Dual USB Port to charge gadgets that do not have the features of Wireless Charging. Maximum output / output power for USB Port Charging is 5V / 2.4A, while for Wireless Charging 5V / 1A.
The dimensions of this product are 13.8 x 6.7 x 1.57 cm weighing about 192 grams only.
Package contents:
- 1x Powerbank
- 1x USB Cable
- 1x Manual
- Powerbank with Wireless Charging (Qi-compatible)
- Capacity 10000mAh
- Dual USB Port
- Output max 2.4A (USB Port) and 1A (Wireless Charging)
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