About Us

fargo2001.com is an online shopping media in which convenience, secure shopping, and great customer service are our utmost priority to ensure a memorable shopping experience for the customers. fargo2001.com offers range of products to satisfy the need and lifestyle of the customers with respect to Indonesia’s local customs and cultures.

In fargo2001.com, customers are able to conveniently choose from wide ranges of selected products related to hobbies, sports, and lifestyles; some are categorized as collector’s item or limited edition in which the worldwide availability are very limited. 

fargo2001.com is integrated to gosocio.co.id, a social blogging site where customers are able to receive the latest news and information of the trends that are happening at the moment. This blogging site will also feature some of the products sold in the website and provide a review on them. fargo2001.com is also integrated to other social media platforms to inform customers about new updates and to help customers in making smart buying decision.