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Xiaomi Scishare Smart Espresso Machine


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Xiaomi collaborated with SCISHARE, one of the manufacturers of coffee machine makers, to issue a product in the form of an espresso coffee machine, the Xiaomi SCISHARE Capsule Espresso Machine. With this coffee machine, you can save your money and be able to enjoy your favorite espresso or coffee at home without having to go to the cafe again.
This coffee machine uses a capsule cup so that it is very practical, just put the coffee capsule in place, then the espresso will come out with a pressure of 19 bar from this machine.
Coffee capsule machines are increasingly popular because they are faster and more comfortable than ordinary coffee makers. The capsules they use to serve you fragrant and delicate coffee are tightly closed plastic containers with parts of ground coffee beans that are usually 9-10 grams in size.

It only takes about 1 minute to prepare coffee
Can use high or short capsules
Bew level can be adjusted to your needs
Very powerful and efficient with 19-bar pump for making expresso
Automatically turns off when finished serving
There is no limitation on any capsule brand.
Capsules do not lose their taste or aroma;
There is no rotating noise because it does not grind the coffee beans;
Easy to maintain

Net weight: 3.2 kg
Refrigerator capacity: 580 ml
Cable length: around 0.8 m
Frequency: 50 Hz
1600 W rated power
Voltage: 220 V-240 V
Pump Pressure: 19Bar

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