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Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions carefully before making any transaction from this website.

Welcome to Our website, www.fargo2001.com. Terms and Conditions for this website is managed by PT. Farison Gapuraniaga, a private company which based in Jakarta, located at Jl. Puri Kencana Block K6/3I, West Jakarta, the owner and developer of www.fargo2001.com.

In this Terms and Conditions, every word written as “You” means the user of www.fargo2001.com website and every word written as “Us” or “Our” or “We” means PT. Farison Gapuraniaga as the owner and developer of www.fargo2001.com.

Activities related to the use of this website, regardless of being the owner, developer, user, seller, and buyer, are protected under the law (Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia No. 11 Tahun 2008 tentang Informasi dan Teknologi, Undang-Undang Republik Indonesia No. 19 Tahun 2002 tentang Hak Cipta).

By accessing Our website, You have agreed to Our terms and conditions which have been stated in this website. We have the right to add, delete, or modify the content of this terms and conditions anytime without prior notice; modification will become effective once it is placed on this website. If You decide to use Our service after any modification therein, You are already regarded to have agreed and bound by Our Terms and Conditions. You are not using this website had You not agree to comply with our written Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

1. User

  1. User is an individual, has an Indonesian citizenship, with a minimum age of 18 or under parental guidance while using the website, or, foreigners and any governing bodies with the electronic media ability to use and access www.fargo2001.com website as needed.
  1. We give permission and license to the user that cannot be transferred or cancelled to access this website, as it has been managed on the Terms and Conditions, and to make purchase for personal use only, not for commercial purposes, or sharing information with third party, unless there had been any written consent from Us in advance. Failing to comply with this terms and conditions will resulted in the banning of the user from accessing and making purchased from Our website without prior notice.

2. User’s Responsibilities

  1. In order to use Our service, You first need to register as a member to get access to every features offered on Our website. By registering as a member, You have agreed and are responsible to provide Us with the most updated, honest, and accurate personal information and make updates when there is any change.
  1. Registered user is fully responsible to keep his/her Username and Password safe in order to prevent from any malicious usage from others. If username or password is forgotten or being used by others irresponsibly, You will need to contact us for immediate help. Our website is not responsible for any direct or indirect liabilities or any damages that may result should You fail to comply to these conditions.
  1. Any information provided to Us during registration or any comments made by user will be exclusively Ours. We hold the right to monitor individuals’ activities or any comments made that is related to Our website.
  1. User should not impersonate or acting as someone else in using Our service with malicious purposes. We have the right to ban such user from using any further service from this website.
  1. By registering, You have agreed to receive emails from us that contains latest information or any promotion offered on Our website. Should You want to unsubscribe from Our mailing list, You may do so by logging into Your account and go to the section that manages subscription service.

3. Content

Website content provides any information related to a specific product. Images posted act as representation of the actual product only and should not be regarded as one hundred percent accurate and similar to the actual product.  Any opinion inside this website is based on individual post and not Ours personally.

4. Product Information

  1. Any information posted on Our website in the form of pricing, images, and description has been considered thoroughly and followed our pre-defined Conditions. However, we cannot guarantee that information will be one hundred percent accurate. We do ensure that information provided will be as relevant as possible towards helping customer in making buying decision with no intention to mislead customer.
  1. In case there is a difference between the image of a product with the actual physical product, Once again We would like to state that image is only a representation of the real product that We have created and/or modified to fit with the underlying purposes and shall not be a base for any dispute. If there is a slip-up in terms of pricing, description, or any other information related to a product, You can always contact Our customer service to confirm the accuracy of such information.
  1. We have the right to halt and/or suspend and purchasing process until inaccurate information (eg. pricing or stock availability) issues has been solved. We are always responsible to provide the most accurate information towards customer taking into consideration any limitation therein.

5. Purchasing in Some Categories

  1. We need to remind You that in some categories such as collectibles, limited edition items, arts and crafts with no exact duplicates, the time limit to finalize payment is strictly defined. In case the customer has not finalized payment in the given time period, Our system will automatically abort the purchase of the product and customer need to start over the buying process from the beginning.
  1. Should You still interested in such limited product and that particular product is still available in stock when payment has not been made or received after the given time period, You could start the buying process once again, or ask Our customer service for any assistance. Otherwise, the product will be put back in stock and is available for purchase by other customer.
  1. In case You have made payment within the given time period but that payment has not been received and confirmed by Our bank, and that particular product is no longer in stock, We are responsible to returned the payment with the amount that is only limited to the amount of the payment transferred. In such case, returned payment can only be made towards the buyer’s name that is listed throughout the purchasing and payment process. Payment is only considered valid when the money has been transferred into Our bank account and bank confirmation about the transfer has been informed and confirmed to Us by Our bank during office hours.

6. Suspension and Cancellation

  1. Customer is allowed to choose a product as well as the sizing, color, and amount of the product purchased for a particular product. Related information towards those variables would need to be carefully reviewed in the checkout process before making any confirmation for the purchase. We would not allow any returned purchase for any reason had the customer agreed and finalized a purchase through the Checkout process unless there has been any agreement and confirmation agreed from Us. We will only allow product return, cancellation, or exchange when there is a mistake made by Us during the buying process or delivery process.
  1. There are times in which We have the right to suspend, ask for additional information, or cancel a purchase based on relevant reasoning that has been reviewed and considered by Us. In such case, We would make a contact towards that particular buyer and explain Our reasoning for such action. We would highly appreciate a good cooperation from the buyer in solving the issue.    

7. Product Delivery

  1. Following a successful purchasing process, You would need to select a method to deliver the product purchased. A delivery towards a specific address will be carried out by Our logistic partner(s).
  1. Products in some categories might require Our own representative to carry out the delivery process. It is possible that delivery will be made by Our vendors’ or partners’.
  1. Customer will be fully responsible to pay for the whole amount of the delivery fee.
  1. Delivery process that does not carried out by Our logistic partner(s) require Us to contact You to confirm the accuracy of the information which include product(s) purchased, delivery address, date and time of delivery, as well as contact person when the delivery is made.
  1. Should you choose to add insurance towards Your delivery process, the calculation of the added fee that has been set by Our logistic partner will be as follow: 0.2% x Purchase Value + administration fee of Rp.5.000,-. Our logistic partner policy states that total purchase with value of more than Rp.1.000.000,- would need to be insured. This insurance fee could be changed anytime by our logistic partner without prior notice.
  1. Delivery will only be mad once payment has been finalized and confirmed and will only be directed towards the person whose name is listed in the buying process or the buyer’s representative which has been informed to Us. Representative of the buyer need to show his/her identity in the form of Indonesian Government issued identification such as ID card, Driver’s License, or Passport along with a Letter of Attorney which has been signed by the actual buyer.
  1. We are not responsible for any issue that might arise should buyer not following Our guidelines for Terms and Conditions. In case the buyer’s representative does not present at the time of delivery, any responsibility or additional fee that may result due to such action will be fully covered by the buyer.
  1. Every form of delivery, whether it is carried by Our logistic partner(s), own representative, as well as our vendor(s) would be accompanied with a permit. Make sure to match the information (product type, color, size) listed with the original invoice. Once buyer has accepted the delivered items and signed the permit, the transaction is considered finished.
  1. Should You have any complain(s) related to the product purchased or handled, make sure to contact Our customer service immediately. Any mistake resulted from the buyer’s own mistake or negligence is fully that buyer’s responsibility and We could not compensate any return or exchange for that particular product(s) purchased.

8. Store Pick Up Procedure

  1. Store pick-up is a facility where customer his/herself is allowed to pick up his/her own purchase according to previously specified date and time.
  1. For limited edition items and high value items, store pick-up is recommended to minimize any possible damage or lost during delivery process.
  1. Our store pick-up policy requires buyer to show his/her proof of purchase (original invoice), payment confirmation receipt together with valid Indonesian Government issued photo ID. We Do Not process any cash payment in Our store/office. Once buyer received and checked the product purchased, We are no longer responsible for any mistake or damage towards the product that might happen afterwards.

9. Copyright and Intellectual Properties

All material appearing on this site is whether is copyrighted or not and related to brand, logo, creative work, and promotional media is owned exclusively by Us, PT. Farison Gapuraniaga, the owner and developer of this website. All rights reserved. No part of any content of the website’s publication or transmission may be republished, reproduced, transmitted, downloaded or distributed by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, including but not limited to text, graphic, brand, logo, and website setting without prior written permission of PT. Farison Gapuraniaga. All content is protected under the law and regulation of the Indonesian Government.

10. Comment and Account Suspension

  1. This website is aligned with the local laws and regulations with educative and informative intention in helping customer to make a wise buying decision. Usage of the website that is outside its purpose is prohibited. Any usage that is outside of what has been written in this Terms and Conditions would result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the user’s or consumer’s account. Keep in mind that we serve the right to decide whether consumer’s use of the website follows the regulations or not.
  1. Our website allows customer to make a review(s) on the product purchased as well as the overall experience in shopping with Us. In process, We appreciate Your consideration for not using harmful language that contains blasphemy, slur, satire, or any racially abusive statement.

11. Dispute Resolution dan Legal Domicile

Any dispute that shall arise as a result of this Terms and Conditions should be solved in deliberation and discussion. Should that dispute goes further, completion will be held according to the local laws and regulations through Kantor Panitera Pengadilan Negeri (**)

Any complains or dissatisfaction should be addressed towards Our customer service via email: cs@fargo2001.com or by phone in order to help Us improve the quality of service as the owner and developer of www.fargo2001.com. Direct complains that is addressed outside the media stated above will not be tolerated. If You disagree with any predetermined content of this website’s Terms and Conditions, You have the right to stop accessing and using this website.