Xiaomi Circle Joy Automatic Wine Bottle Opener (CJ-EK PQ02) (Black/silver)


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Xiaomi through the ecological chain of the CIRCLE JOY brand, makes products that are very useful for those of you who are wine (wine) lovers and connoisseurs.

CIRCLE JOY Automatic Refill Wine Bottle Opener CJ-EKPQ02 is a wine bottle opener that is very elegant and easy to use. Very appropriate as a device in your home's mini bar or used at Wine House and other places.

This tool is able to open wine bottles easily with a design that is very sensitive to pressure. Simply attach the appliance to the mouth of the wine bottle, press it slowly and automatically open the bottle.

It only takes a few seconds, because this tool uses a machine with a capacity of 16000 rpm that is very precise and not noisy. Torsinya wine is very large to easy.

An indicator light is available that indicates the battery is available and can be stored again when the indicator indicates the battery is weak.

For security, there is a RESET button that can be activated only by returning the top of this tool for 5 seconds which is usually caused by improper safety.

- Fully Automatic Intelligent Control
- Quick opening
- Battery Indicator Light
- Mysterious Reset Button

Model: CJ-EKPQ02
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage: 100-240V
Value Frequency: 50Hz
Output Power: 10W
Work noise:

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