Xiaomi Circle Joy Automatic Wine Bottle Opener Wine Gift Set 4 - 1


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XIAOMI through the ecological chain brand CIRCLE JOY, re-issued the product for you, wine lovers and connoisseurs. The presence of XIAOMI CIRCLE JOY 4-in-1 Wine Electric Opener Gift Set, makes your drinking event easier and more fun for sure.

This set of equipment consists of 4 wine bottle opener accessories, namely:
1. Electric Wine Opener
Electric wine bottle opener that can open bottles easily and quickly, in just seconds. Able to open 120 bottles at a time in full battery condition

2. Wine Stopper
This wine bottle retaining device is intended to keep the wine in a vacuum if it is to be stored again after opening. Has a high standard and is able to maintain up to 0.038Mpa. Even after 7 days, the taste doesn't change

3. Wine Decanter
This tool is useful for pouring the contents of a bottle of wine into a glass. Research shows that 1 second pouring wine with this tool is equivalent to 15 minutes of pouring wine using traditional tools.

4. Round Tin Foil Cutter
This tool is useful for opening a thin lid on the top of a wine bottle and will not cut or scratch your fingers. Easy installation and use.

In addition to being used alone, this tool is very suitable to be used as a Gift Set or gift for relatives, family, colleagues to your business partners.

Wine Opener: 304 Stainless Steel + Transparent PC + ABS
Wine Stopper: 304 Stainless Steel + Food Grade Silicone
Decanter Wine: Stainless Steel + Food Grade Acrylic
Tin Foil Cutter: Stainless Steel + ABS

Package contents:
1x Electric Wine Opener
1x Wine Stopper
1x Wine Decanter
1x Round Tin Foil Cutter
1x User Manual

The dimensions of this product are 25.4 x 16.4 x 5.9 cm and weigh around 450 grams.

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