Xiaomi DEERMA Electric Meat Grinder (DEM-JR01)


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XIAOMI through the ecological chain brand, DEERMA, again issued its newest product in the form of household appliances, especially kitchens. The presence of XIAOMI DEERMA DEM-JR01 Electric Meat Grinder will greatly help your work in the kitchen for the process of preparing your cooking ingredients.

This Meat Grinder has two S-type blades with up to 360 degrees of enumeration. Nothing was missed from this blade when it was working.

Using a motor with an electric power of around 400W which produces a rotation of up to 24000 per minute. Able to destroy up to 1.5 kg of food in just seconds. Very fast and accurate. Besides that it is not noisy, less than 70dB.

Using Food Grade material that is safe for health and the blade of 304 Stainless Steel that is strong and durable. The exterior also uses Stainless Steel material that is impact resistant. The bowl has a capacity of 1.8L, large enough for ingredients that are rather large or large.

There are two speeds that we can choose for ourselves, namely Fast and Slow which is useful for making variations of food. Fast is used for finer food ingredients, such as fruit, onions, ginger and so on. While Slow for harder foods, such as meat, potatoes, pumpkin, beans and others.

The structure and design of the Triple anti-shock that is safe, will not sway even while working. Also equipped with an anti-slip 2mm thick silicone pad.

5 protection, starting from Jog Switch, Metal Plum Bearing, Temperature Control Protection, Anti-displacing Buckle to Anti-single Idle Motor, complete this DEERMA Electric Meat Grinder.

Material: ABS, Glass, PC, Stainless Steel
Bowl Capacity: 1.8L
Voltage: 220V
Power: 400W

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