Xiaomi Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner (SDWK-KC101)


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XIAOMI, through the ecological chain brand, SWDK, issued its newest product for your home cleaning equipment. XIAOMI SWDK-KC101 is a vacuum cleaner with the latest technology and has a very comfortable size for your hands to hold. Specifically made to clean mattresses, sofas, bed covers, bed linen and other home furniture.

Have 3 steps to clean your home furniture from dust and fleas, namely:
1. Using high frequency fins / wings up to 8000 per minute to clean dust and fleas
2. Suction with a power of up to 6000pa which helps absorb dust and fleas
3. Using a UV-C lamp tube that sterilizes and kills the fleas.

Used cordless / wireless (free of charge) that frees you from twisted cables or limited reach. With a battery capacity of 2200mAh, you can use this tool for 25 minutes with only 2.5 hours of charging.

This Leakproof Design will turn off UV-C lights automatically shortly after the device leaves the surface being cleaned.

There is an indicator light on the side of this tool to find out how much power is left when used.

Has 3 filters used by this tool, namely HEPA Filter, Stainless Steel Filter and Rear Sponge Filter.

- 8000 / min high-frequency flaps
- 6000pa strong suction
- UV-C tube sterilize through
- Round dentation suck head
- UV-C leakproof design
- Side power indicator light

Voltage: 21.6V
UV Lamp Power: 6W
Suction: 6000Pa

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